Faculty Office Hours

IV-14. Faculty Office Hours

A.        General Expectations

If UST Law is to create a strong community and succeed in accomplishing its mission, faculty must generally be present in the law building and available to each other and to their students. During the academic year, faculty are generally expected to work in the law building during core business hours, unless the University is closed or the faculty member is on vacation. Although faculty will often need to be away from the law building on law school business, faculty should not routinely work at home or away from their offices more than the equivalent of one weekday per week.

B.        Office Hours

Every member of the faculty who is teaching at least one course during a semester is required to designate at least four hours per week as “office hours.” Office hours should be spread over no fewer than two days. The faculty member should be in his or her office and available for students during office hours.

A faculty member should give students notice of his or her office hours. If, during a particular week, a faculty member knows that he or she will not be able to be in his or her office during office hours, the faculty member should attempt to notify students of that fact. Being available by appointment, by phone, or by e-mail is not a substitute for maintaining regular office hours.

 Adopted by the Law Faculty, June 6, 2002
Placed in catalog, August 6, 2002

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