Appointments Process: Dean

IV-5. Appointments Process: Dean

All dean candidates who interview on campus will be discussed at a faculty meeting and voted on by those eligible to vote. The eligible voting faculty will meet in executive session when deliberating about candidates. Only tenured or tenure-track members of the faculty may vote on recommending whether an appointment as dean (including appointment to the law faculty) is acceptable. To be found acceptable, a dean candidate must receive the votes of two-thirds of the eligible voting faculty who are present and voting at the meeting. Voting must be by secret ballot. Only those who have attended the meeting, either in person or when unable to attend in person for good reason, by telephone or video conference, and listened to substantially all of the discussion regarding a dean candidate will be permitted to vote on that candidate. The entire amendment to the policy manual was then accepted by a majority vote. 

Adopted by the Law Faculty, February 13, 2012

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