Appointment/Eval Non-Tenure Track Clinical Faculty

IV-9 Appointment/Eval Non-Tenure Track Clinical Faculty

Initial appointments to the non-tenure track Clinical faculty will be for one academic year, with up to two subsequent one-year renewals. After three years of service and a successful review, non-tenure-track clinical faculty are appointed for renewable three-year terms. Expectations with respect to teaching, service and professional engagement will be specified for each non-tenure-track clinical faculty member at the time of appointment, and evaluation will be based on those expectations.

Consistent with the University policy, a prospective non-tenure-track clinical faculty member may negotiate exceptions to these policies with the Dean, subject to the approval of the Executive Vice President and Provost. For fully applicable university policies on Clinic Faculty, see Chapter 2.II.C.2. Chapter 2.IV, and Chapter 8 of UST Faculty Handbook.

Adopted by Promotion and Tenure Committee, December 16, 2013

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