Dismissal and Readmission

II-5. Dismissal and Readmission

A.        Dismissal for Improper Conduct

A student may be suspended or expelled from the Law School for improper conduct pursuant to such standards and procedures as the Law School Faculty may prescribe. No student expelled from the Law School for improper conduct will be eligible for readmission.

B.        Dismissal for Academic Reasons

A student who has been dismissed for academic reasons (see Policy III-C-1, Good Academic Standing) shall not be eligible for readmission until at least one academic year following that student’s dismissal.

C.        Readmission

Petitions and all other matters concerning readmission shall be decided by the Readmission Committee, composed of the Dean, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the chair of the Admissions Committee. Readmission of any student shall be subject to such conditions as the Readmission Committee may specify.

Adopted by the Law Faculty, May 1, 2002

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