III-B-1. Registration

A.        First-Year Students

First-year students are registered by the administration, at the mandatory fall orientation, for the entire first-semester curriculum. Failure to attend the mandatory fall orientation, without approval from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will lead to a student being dropped from the entering class.

B.        Upper-Division Students

  1. Pre-registration for a semester’s classes will occur at the time (during the preceding semester) and in the manner prescribed by the School of Law. Pre-registration will reserve seats in the upcoming semester’s classes.
  2. Final registration for a semester’s classes will also occur at the time and in the manner prescribed by the School of Law. If a student fails to register in a timely manner,

a.         the student will be assessed a late fee; and
b.         the student may lose a reserved seat in a closed class to a waiting-list student who has timely registered; and
c.         a student who, without approval, fails to register by the end of the first five (5) days of classes in a semester will be denied authorization to register for that semester.

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