Minnesota Law School Consortium

III-B-9. Minnesota Law School Consortium

III-B-9. Minnesota Law School Consortium

The University of St, Thomas School of Law participates in the Minnesota Law School Consortium Agreement with the University of Minnesota School of Law, William Mitchell College of Law, and Hamline University School of Law. The agreement among the four Minnesota law schools allows students to register for certain courses at any of the four law schools.


1. Courses qualifying for consortium status must not be offered during the academic year at the home school of the enrolling student.

2. Students are allowed to earn no more than six consortium source credits during their law school career.

3. Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the program.

4. Summer and J-term classes are excluded. Students are eligible to take summer and J-term courses as visitors on an individually approved basis.

5. Tuition remains at the home school and is charged on the home school’s fee schedule.

6. Students must abide by all rules of the visiting school.

7. Clinics, externships, internships, independent studies, and seminars are excluded from consideration.

8. Registration Process

Students may check available courses mid-March for fall registration and mid-October for spring registration on each of the law school’s websites –

http://www.law.umn.edu/                              http://law.hamline.edu/

http://www.wmitchell.edu/                             http://www.stthomas.edu/law/

Students must obtain permission from the Academic Dean to register for a specific course. When permission is granted students will contact the home school registrar to facilitate registration at the visiting school.

12. The visiting institution will assign examination numbers to consortium students from the other law schools.

13. Students who have an examination conflict receive a variance from the home institution, and the home institution’s examination will be rescheduled. Emergency variances, however, are handled by the visiting institution.

14. The visiting school awards grades and submits transcript information, but the home institution determines how to accept the transfer credits and how the transfer credits will appear on the home institution’s transcript. Students are responsible for requesting that the official transcript be sent to their home school immediately after the grade is posted.


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