Courses in Other UST Academic Units

III-B-5. Courses in Other UST Academic Units

A.        With the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, non-joint degree UST law students may apply toward the requirements for the Juris Doctor degree as many as but no more than 6 credit-hours from courses of suitable academic rigor offered in other UST Schools or departments. For purposes of interpreting the phrase “suitable academic rigor,” courses offered for credit toward any UST graduate degree shall presumptively be deemed to be suitably rigorous, unless disapproved by the Curriculum Committee. Likewise, courses in foreign languages shall be deemed sufficiently rigorous regardless of their level, subject also to disapproval by the Curriculum Committee. Grades achieved in such courses will not be used in computing a law student’s GPA.

B.        A candidate for the joint JD/MBA may commence studies in either the Law School or the UST College of Business; however, the candidate must participate in and complete an integral first-year Law School course of studies.

C.        A candidate for a joint degree in an approved program may apply 12 hours of credit and one full semester of residency successfully completed in the second discipline toward the requirements of the J.D. degree, provided the student satisfactorily completes the requirements set out for the joint program by the faculty conferring the second degree.

Adopted by the Law Faculty, November 7, 2001, January 23, 2002,
December 5, 2005 and September 26, 2011

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