III-B-3. Auditing

A.        A student in good standing may audit a course only with the written permission of the instructor. Auditing a course entails adherence by the student to such standards and conditions as the instructor may prescribe, except that the student shall not be required to submit papers or to take a final examination, nor shall he or she be entitled to a grade in the course.

B.        The fact that a student has audited a course shall be indicated in the official records of the Law School.

C.        If a student has audited a course for eight (8) weeks or more, the student may later enroll in that course for credit (a) only with the permission of its instructor and (b) only on a pass/fail basis.

D.        If the combined credit hours for a student’s registered courses and a proposed audited course would exceed 16 credit hours, that student must obtain the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to audit any course, in addition to the permission of the course’s instructor required in paragraph 1 above.

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