Upper-Level Writing Requirement

III-A-3. Upper-Level Writing Requirement

In addition to successfully completing the required lawyering skills courses, all students must satisfy an upper-level writing requirement. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this requirement before their last semester of law study.

To meet the upper-level writing requirement, each student must demonstrate competence by producing a sole-authored paper, brief, note, comment or memorandum of law that:

Reflects substantial legal research and critical analysis;

  1. Is well-written and carefully edited;
  2. Contains no fewer than 7,500 words, including appropriate footnotes or endnotes;
  3. Reflects revisions incorporating the critique and suggestions of the supervising instructor on at least one previous draft;
  4. Has received a grade of C+ or better from the instructor for the paper, and
  5. Is certified by the instructor as satisfying all of these requirements.

A student satisfying the upper-level writing requirement through a supervised research project must obtain written permission from the supervisor before registering for the supervised research and writing class.

Examples of papers that might satisfy the upper-level writing requirement include those prepared as supervised research projects or those prepared for seminars or other courses that require a substantial research and writing project.

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