Scheduling Examinations

III-C-8. Scheduling Examinations

A.        Scheduling of Examinations

The Registrar shall prepare and circulate to faculty and students a schedule for final examinations no earlier than the fifth week and no later than the eighth week of the semester in which those examinations are to be given.

Final examinations shall be scheduled only during the two-week finals period. Take home examinations may be distributed during the last week of class, but only if the due date for the take home is the scheduled examination date for the course or the last day of the examination period.

B.        General Rules on Rescheduling Examinations 

No student may take a final examination in a course other than at the regularly scheduled date and time unless the Registrar approves rescheduling of the examination for one of the following reasons:

1.         A student becomes seriously ill during the examination.

2.         A student cannot take the examination because of a serious illness, injury, or other medical condition, a death or serious illness in the immediate family, or some other serious and unanticipated emergency.

3.         A student has two examinations scheduled within a 24-hour period. In such circumstances, the examination to be rescheduled shall be the second examination in the sequence. “Two examinations scheduled within a 24-hour period” means:

a.   If the first examination is an in-class examination, any examination that begins less than 24 hours after the beginning time of the first examination; and

b.   If the first examination is a take-home examination, any examination that begins within 24 hours of the ending time of the first examination.

4.         A student has three examinations scheduled on three successive days. In such circumstances, the examination to be rescheduled ordinarily shall be the second in the sequence of three examinations.

5.         Other extraordinary circumstances are present, provided that the student has taken every reasonable step to avoid a conflict with the examination. “Other extraordinary circumstances” ordinarily do not include travel, recreational events, or work activities.

6.         Examinations that qualify for rescheduling ordinarily shall be rescheduled for the individual student’s next examination slot that is available under this rule. No course examination for a required course shall be rescheduled for a time prior to the regularly scheduled examination for that course without the consent of the instructor.

C.        Procedure for Rescheduling Examinations

A student who seeks to have an examination rescheduled must contact the Registrar as soon as the reason for requesting a rescheduling is apparent. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may require documentation or other support of the conflict or circumstance that necessitates rescheduling and may authorize rescheduling in appropriate cases. Rescheduling examinations is the exclusive responsibility of the Registrar. Individual instructors cannot grant or deny requests to rescheduled examinations.

D.        Grading of Rescheduled Examinations

If a student has been excused from taking a final examination in a course at the regularly scheduled time because that student became ill during the examination, the instructor may require the student to take a special final examination or submit a special paper. In such a case, the student shall be graded in the course on a pass/fail basis. If the student takes the regular examination, but it cannot be graded together with the examinations taken by other students in the same course, the instructor shall have the discretion to grade the examination on a pass/fail basis.

If a student has been excused from taking a final examination at the regularly scheduled time, and the examination has not been taken within 28 days after the last regularly scheduled examination for that semester, a mark of incomplete (“I”) will be entered on the student’s record.

Adoptedby the Law Faculty, February 19, 2003
Revised May 16, 2005 and February 25, 2008

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