Grade of “Incomplete”

III-C-3. Grade of “Incomplete”

A.        Normally, students are required to complete all course work within the semester in which the course work is offered. In examination courses, this entails taking the examination at the scheduled time. In courses in which research papers comprise all or part of the course work, such papers must be submitted as required by the instructor but, in no event, later than the last day of the scheduled examination period.

B.        If a student is unable to complete the course work, the student should immediately advise the instructor, who may excuse the deficiency and enter a grade of “Incomplete” (“I”).

C.        It is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the instructor and cure the deficiency. If a student does not cure the “Incomplete” deficiency by the end of the next regular semester, whether he or she is enrolled or not, the grade of “I” will be changed permanently to an “F” on the student’s record. In case of extreme hardship, as determined by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the instructor, the Associate Dean may grant the student one additional regular semester to cure the deficiency.

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