Attendance and Preparation

III-C-5. Attendance and Preparation

A.        General 

Students must regularly attend classes punctually, and prepare for classes, in order to satisfy residence and class-hour requirements. This requirement implements the accreditation standards of the ABA.

B.        Notice of Course Attendance and Preparation Policy

At the beginning of each course, the instructor shall give notice of the attendance and preparation policy for the course by publishing it in the course syllabus, on the instructor’s web site, or on the bulletin board, or by distributing it in the classroom. The instructor shall take steps to provide this notice to late enrollers.

C.        Consideration in Grading

In assigning a student’s grade, the instructor has discretion to consider the student’s attendance, punctuality, and participation in class and at required events, (a) provided that notice of such consideration has been provided as in the previous paragraph, and (b) subject to the policy on Grade Changes (Policy III-C-4). Based on such attendance, punctuality, and participation, the instructor has discretion to raise a student’s grade, to lower it, to require additional course work from the student, to refuse to allow the student to take the final examination or submit other required course work, or to drop the student from the course without credit.

D.        Mentor Program Absences

Each student is entitled to miss one class session per course per semester in order to attend an activity that is required in connection with the Mentor program. Students must inform instructors in advance of such Mentor Program absences. Notwithstanding Section III-C-5-C above, no instructor may penalize a student for a mentor-excused absence.

E.        Unavoidable Absences

A student who must miss a class because of a family emergency, medical necessity, or other urgent matter beyond the student’s control should inform the Director of Academic Achievement or the course instructor of the absence and the reason for it. The effect of such notification will be determined by each instructor, in accordance with the instructor’s attendance and preparation policy.

Adopted by the Law Faculty, February 8, 2002, April 16, 2003, and May 6, 2003

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