Greetings and welcome to the Office of Diversity web page. The University of St. Thomas School of Law has a unique mission founded on the precepts of diversity, community, and inclusiveness. The mission demonstrates our commitment to ensure that the UST Law community fully reflects the great diversity of God’s creation. As the Director of Diversity, I believe that diversity is one of our community’s greatest strengths. Through the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness, we are able to support a learning community that furthers our mission. This is evidenced by UST Law’s active student engagement, social justice curriculum, service in the community, and focus on practical skills development.

Tyner,-ArtikaStudent Engagement

The University of St. Thomas School of Law respects and appreciates the value of a diverse student population, and we welcome their background and experiences to our community. There are over 40 student organizations represented in the School of Law which are representative of the diverse interests of our community. These student groups are actively involved in the furtherance of social justice efforts and public service. In particular, the diversity of the School of Law is reflected in the seven multicultural student organizations and their efforts in furthering diversity initiatives campus-wide.

Social Justice Curriculum

The social justice component of the UST Law curriculum provides opportunities for diverse students to become actively engaged in social justice lawyering. This component includes the Legal Services Clinic, in which students are able to provide direct legal services to the underserved. In addition, courses like Ethical Leadership in Social Justice and Poverty Law provide students with an opportunity to address the social justice challenges facing our communities and then deliberate together to implement practical solutions.

Service Learning/Community-Building

The Office of Diversity also hosts service learning projects and educational events. Our students participate in projects that create a pipeline to college (100 Strong Who Care) and promote law/democracy initiatives (Books for Africa). We host a number of educational events in order to create opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to become informed and engaged about issues related to diversity. Past guest lecturers have included: Dr. Josie Johnson (Minnesota Civil Rights Pioneer), Dr. John Jackson (The Schott Foundation), and Dr. Edgar Cahn (TimeBank USA), who have educated the UST community on current civil rights issues. These experiences provide our students with opportunities to learn and grow as servant leaders.

Additionally, the Office of Diversity is committed to furthering a diverse learning community beyond the classroom, and into the legal profession.  Graduates must be prepared to work in an increasingly diverse profession and multicultural society. This requires practical skills development that fosters critical thinking skills, promotes cultural competence, and supports a robust exchange of ideas in collaborative working environments.

Practical Skills Development

The Office of Diversity seeks to support the intellectual and social development of law students through its programming, training, and outreach efforts. This includes supporting learning objectives such as: providing students with opportunities to develop an understanding of people of other racial or ethnic backgrounds, and facilitating contact among students from different backgrounds. These experiences will prepare our graduates to effectively work with colleagues, clients, and community members from diverse backgrounds.

I invite you to browse around our website and explore the various programs and services we have to offer.