Technology specialists at the University of St. Thomas help to make the educational services we provide state of the art and more accessible.   They improve the educational experience of all our students by solving technology problems, automating processes, and designing and maintaining our information databases and websites..

The people who support the University’s technology work with a team that connects an entire network organization through advanced technology, design and create innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications, platforms, and environments using the latest technologies, and identify and resolve technical challenges.  Our technology specialists integrate people, processes, information resources and technologies in support of teaching, learning and strategic goals at the University of St. Thomas.

Kalavathi Elayaperumai

IT Support Specialist

“St. Thomas provides people with more than just a paycheck.  It has provided me with a community of co-workers and friends, as well as new career opportunities.”


Kalavathi Elayaperumai
Client Services
Employed Since 2000

Web Developer

“Having worked in both the private sector and in higher education in the past, I knew that I was ready to return to higher education again. Supporting the mission of educating learners of all ages is very important to me and when you work in a university, no matter what your position, that is ultimately what you’re doing. I’ve also found a much better work/life balance here than in past jobs. I have found the benefits at St. Thomas to be exceptional as well. The community is consistently supportive and encouraging and the people I work with are genuine, competent, and helpful. I couldn’t ask for more!”


Jess Durrant
College of Business Technology
Employed Since 2006