Teaching at UST

"Challenge Yourself, Change our World" is more than a tag line for members of the University of St. Thomas community. Our 440 full-time faculty help create an active learning environment that challenges students to think critically about their personal responsibility for creating a better society, and gives them the knowledge, skills and confidence to make that happen. UST faculty are more than teachers and scholars. They are mentors, dedicated to the broad development of our students in all facets of their lives.  

The breadth of our faculty's professional engagement  brings a powerful combination of theoretical and practical expertise to the classroom. Over 95 percent of our core faculty hold terminal degrees, and all of our core faculty maintain currency in their respective fields through ongoing research agenda. Our faculty culture values and supports professionally active teachers, and the institution spends approximately 20 percent of its academic budget in support of professional engagement of faculty and students, alike. In addition, many of our faculty further sharpen their skills by applying their knowledge in non-academic settings; whether working as consultants in their field, as licensed practitioners, or engaging in the public sector in environmental causes or matters of social justice.     

Cross-cultural engagement is a University priority, bringing life to "Challenge Yourself, Change Our World". In 2006, St. Thomas was designated by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a university with "substantial commitments in curricular engagement and outreach and partnerships" due to the extent and diversity of St. Thomas' outreach and community-based activities. Over 600 students each semester participate in service learning courses, and over 2000 students each year engage in community volunteer activities. In addition, St. Thomas is ranked by the Institute of International Education in the top five nationally for the percent of undergraduates studying abroad (60.5 percent in 2007) in the doctoral category; more than 1,000 students participate annually in 100 programs available in more than 40 countries.   

We invite you to join us on this exciting and rewarding academic journey.