The University of St. Thomas

Service Operations

Service Operations play a critical role by supporting and enhancing the daily functions of the University and the lives of the students, faculty and staff.

The employees within our Building and Facilities support division support the St. Thomas community by providing a physical environment that is well-maintained, clean, comfortable, and conducive to working, teaching and learning.  Employment opportunities in this area consist of the maintenance, repair, and renovation of buildings, grounds, and utilities.

The University's Public Safety employees are dedicated to creating and promoting a safe, secure and peaceful environment by applying policies and laws, delivering emergency services, performing requests for assistance, and providing on-going education.  We are consistently seeking new talent in this area including Officers and Dispatchers.

The University of St. Thomas has its own wonderful dining service departments offering a variety of dining choices, on-campus catering, and a la carte locations. Opportunities in this area consist of cooks, servers, dishwashers, cashiers, supervisors, and catering professionals.

"While working for the University of St. Thomas, I have had many opportunities to become involved in a wide range of academic and professional projects and events and  to develop my professional skills as well as my intellectual acuity. It all helps to keep my job interesting and challenging."

Diana Kaardal Office Manager
Public Safety
Employed Since 2007

"I love working at St. Thomas; it feels like family and FUN."

Ramona White Supervisor
Food Services
Employed Since 2001

"I enjoy working at an institution that embraces its mission statement. I encourage all new employees that I hire to fully understand the mission of the University and to intertwine in their response to calls for service the convictions of the University."

Steven Vivant Manager of Training & Recruitment
Public Safety
Employed Since 2007

"The employees at St. Thomas are caring, committed, generous, and genuinely concerned. Working with people such as this is a great experience – one that has kept me here for many years!"

Susan Moro Desktop Publishing Specialist
Service Center
Employed Since 1978

"Working at UST has given me the opportunity to work in an environment that models the true Christian values it teaches as well as a fun environment where everyone can work together for a common good."

Tom Herschbach Cook
Food Service
Employed Since 2003