Telephone Repair & Billing


Telephone repair service is available to students, faculty, and staff who have a problem with their telephone.

Getting Started

If you are encountering issues with your telephone please try resetting it first with the following steps.

  1. Pick-up your receiver.
  2. #*112
  3. Hang up.
  4. Let your phone ring 3 times.
  5. Pick up the phone, and then hang up.


Students' telephone billing will be added to their UST monthly tuition statement. Charges will not be detailed on your tuition statement; however, students will receive a separate detailed report via email.


If you have problems with your phone or voicemail, complete an online Request for Services:

    1. Login to RFS.
    2. In the right column of the page click: Information Resources and Technologies.
    3. Select: Voice Services.
    4. When prompted, enter your username and Password.
    5. Complete the online form in the left column of the page. Be sure to include the required fields, and a description of the problem.


If you move into a new room, you should contact Residence Life for assistance. Your long distance code will stay the same for your entire stay at St. Thomas.