Student Printing and Copying


Every student at St. Thomas is given a quota (allotment) for "free" printing/copying and will be charged a per-page fee over and above that allotment. The allotment will be $40 for each semester. Semesters are defined as:

Fall: August 22 - January 1
J-Term/ Spring: January 2 - May 23
Summer: May 24- August 21

In addition, unused balances will carry over each semester to a maximum balance of $120. There is no cash value to the allotment; therefore no cash payment will be made for unused balances.

Current Printing Rates:

Black and White Print/Copy: $0.10 per page
Color Print/Copy: $0.25 per page

Each page printed beyond $40 will be charged back to the student at the rates listed above. Duplex prints are charged back to the student at a rate of 10¢ for the front side and 7¢ for the back side (a total of 17¢ for two pages instead of 20¢).

Printing Balance

Prints made beyond the allotted quota are billed through the Business Office after the end of the semester.
To check your printing activity, log into Portal and click "current printing activities" under the "Applications" menu.