New to Campus

Welcome to the University of St. Thomas!

IRT offers students a variety of services to make their technology experience at the university as seamless as possible. Below you can learn about using your personal devices on campus and the resources already provided to students.

Acceptable Use Policy

The university encourages computer use by providing easily accessible computing resources to the university community. Whenever this type of service is provided, abuse can and does occur. The Responsible Use Policy is intended as a guideline for students in appropriate use of university computing resources.  A general rule of thumb is to use common sense; the bottom line for our policies is respect for the work and privacy of other St. Thomas community members.

Network Security
The university has firewalls and security tools in place to protect the campus network from attack and intrusion. These systems should not interfere with resident students being able to access servers and services located on or off campus. In order to maintain security and maximum availability of the network to community members, certain personally owned devices are prohibited on the university network. These devices include but are not limited to: wireless access points, switches, and routers. The university also expects that all community members who use network resources will comply with the Responsible Use Policy. Please visit our safe computing page for more information.

Important Resources & Information

Your UST Account

New students to the St. Thomas will receive information regarding their UST Username and ID number in the mail shortly after being accepted to the university. This account allows students to login to their UST email, Blackboard, Murphy Online, campus computers, and other UST resources for the duration of their time here at the University. Account access will be available for up to one year after graduation or a student's last active term.

New students will need to setup their account through the Account Activation Process

Please note the password on this account expires every 120 days. Students can login and reset an expired password through Outlook Web App or by going to our Password Reset page. 

Tech Help on Campus

Students are welcome to take advantage of our walk up counters for assistance with computing and networking questions for their personal devices. Hours and locations can be found on our Tech Desk Services section.

UST E-mail

Email is an official form of communication at the university and email accounts are automatically created for all students. IRT will notify students of critical security alerts through their UST email account. Please make sure to check out our safe computing page for information for keeping your email account and personal computer safe.

Students can access their UST email through Outlook Web Access (OWA) available through any web browser by logging in with their UST username and password.

Wi-Fi Access on Campus

UST has Wifi available in the Residence Halls and public spaces on both St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.
Students simply have to connect to one of the UST issued wireless networks.

Further information on connecting to the wireless network is available on the Connect to Wireless webpage.

UST Mobile App (Ellucian Go)

Ellucian Go is the mobile app that provides students with access to class schedules, welcome week activities, grades, campus maps and more. Visit our Mobile App webpage to learn more about how to download and login to the app. 

Cloud Storage with OneDrive

All active students are provided with 1 Terabyte of personal storage space via OneDrive for Business, including the ability to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Printing on Campus

Printing is provided for students so they do not need to bring personal printers to campus. Through our print software called PaperCut, each student receives a print quota of $32 per semester. Students can monitor their quota balance and their printing environmental impact online through the PaperCut User Login. Students can print from on campus UST computers, their personal computers, or online through WebPrint with more information available on our Student Printing webpage.

Game Consoles

In order to use your Game Console in the dorms, you'll need to plug into the network jack or connect to the wireless network (i.e. UST-Open).

Information about connecting to the UST network is available on the network page.

Wi-Fi Compatible devices

Streaming devices such as Chromecast, Internet TVs, BluRay Players, Roku Boxes, etc. may have a variety of success in connecting to the University Network.
Please note, at this time, Roku Boxes do not consistently work with UST’s network authentication system.   For this reason, we do not recommend that you bring a Roku box to campus.

If you wish to attempt adding these devices to the IRT network please visit the Connect to Wireless webpage for help on connecting your streaming device.

Personal Wireless Printers

IRT does not recommend personal wireless printers in the dorms because they interfere with the dorm wireless network. 
We recommend purchasing a printer with a wired (USB) connection if you insist on having a printer on campus. 

Printers that are connected directly via USB will not need to be registered on UST’s network.

There are public printers available in university libraries, residence halls, departmental labs, and the student center.
More information related to printing on campus is available on the IRT printing webpage.

Public Computer Labs

St. Thomas students have access to a variety of computer labs on campus to complete coursework or for personal use. These computing labs have applications for word processing, spreadsheets, database management, statistics, electronic mail, and accessing the Internet. All lab Macs and PCs are equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite. Every lab computer has Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox installed to browse the Web and the Outlook Web App (OWA) to access your email. Many labs are also equipped with course-specific software. Computer assistance is provided in the main labs. Public Computing labs are located in the following areas:

    • The Information Commons, O’Shaughnessy–Frey Library, St. Paul
    • The Information Commons, Keffer Library, Minneapolis
    • O’Shaughnessy Science Hall, St. Paul
    • McNeely Hall, St. Paul
    • Koch Commons, St. Paul
    • Summit Classroom Building, St. Paul
    • Schulze Hall, Minneapolis

Residence Hall Computer Labs

Students living on campus may also use computing labs located in the residence halls. Labs offer printers for student use and include both Mac and PC computers. Students who wish to scan or use multimedia computers are able to do so in the university libraries on both campuses. will find scanners and multimedia computers in university libraries on both campuses. Priority is given to those students completing coursework.

  • Koch 010
  • Dowling 010
  • Dowling 524
  • Ireland 010
  • JPII 003
  • Cretin 109
  • Grace 001
  • Selby

Telephone Service in Residence Hall Rooms

St. Thomas provides telephone services and a digital phone in all residence hall rooms (except Flynn and the CDC), so a favorite phone from home will not work on campus. Cell phones, however, do work in most buildings. Local phone service is provided free of charge. There is a per-minute charge for long distance service. St. Thomas also provides voicemail to all resident students. 
Note: Modems do not work in residence hall rooms because residence halls are equipped with digital phone lines.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft products are available to all actively registered students through Office 365 at no cost. Students can install select products on their personal Mac or PC computer as well as use Office products online. Learn more about Office365.


Registered students can access Blackboard from the Tools dropdown menu from any UST webpage. Professors can post assignments, tests, course syllabus, and more through this tool for students.

Murphy Online

Murphy Online is where students will go to register for classes, access their e-bill, update personal and health information, view grades, and more. This can be accessed from any UST webpage in the Tools tab.

Personal Computers

You don’t have to bring your own computer to campus, but it can be convenient. There are numerous computer labs on campus with both PC and Apple computers for writing papers and checking email, but having your own computer allows you the freedom to do your work in your own room or anywhere there is wireless service. This also assures you that you won’t have to wait for a computer during "crunch-time" at the end of the semester when labs are very busy.

If you are interested in purchasing a new computer or software check out the UST Tech Store. Apple and Dell as well as other vendors provide educational discounts on computers, printers, scanners and select software to the UST community. 

Mac or PC?

It’s entirely up to you as a matter of personal choice! Choosing between a desktop or portable computer is also a matter of preference. Laptops are portable and take up less space, but they’re also more expensive and more likely to be dropped or stolen. Tablet computers are also supported on campus and are growing in popularity.

Cable TV

Cable TV Channels are accessible in each of the residence halls along with additional HD Channels available. Students can bring their own TVs and cords for full access to these channels. Our list of channels are listed on Residence Hall Technology section.