iPad Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an iPad?

If you are purchasing an iPad with University funds, you should contact IRT Purchase with the department budget index you want it charged to. If you are purchasing an iPad with personal funds, you can purchase it directly from the St. Thomas Apple portal through the Tech Store.

Does the iPad replace my computer?

The iPad does not have the same functionality as a computer. While it accomplishes many things that a desktop or laptop computer does, standard software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, and Macromedia applications (i.e. Flash) are not available and duplicating their functionality requires additional iPad Apps.

How do I access the UST network with my iPad?

To connect to the UST wireless network, the iPad must be registered in our network authentication system. iPads purchased through IRT Purchase will be delivered with our network settings configured. iPads not purchased through IRT Purchase may follow our mobile device directions to register with our network authentication system.

Do I need the 3G model?

iPads come with the ability to connect to wireless networks. Apple also sells a 3G-compatible iPad model that allows access over the 3G (third generation) mobile phone network. The 3G model allows for connectivity (access to email and the Internet) from anywhere. The 3G service is contracted on a monthly basis and can be turned on and off as needed. The cost can be covered personally or with approved department funds. 3G is recommended if you require connectivity from a location that does not allow wireless access.

How do I access UST email and calendar with my iPad?

UST offers Exchange Active Sync (EAS) that allows you to sync mobile devices with UST email, calendar, and contacts. We strongly recommend EAS as a service to protect your device. EAS requires that you set up a password on your iPad that must be at least 4 characters and that will require reset every 120 days.

How do I secure and protect my iPad?

Like all portable devices, the iPad is susceptible to theft and must be secured to prevent access to UST data. We strongly recommend configuring your iPad with Exchange Active Sync (EAS), which will require you to set a password. The password will prevent access to your device should it be stolen and will allow you to remotely delete any data from your device using UST’s Outlook Web App.

How do I back up my iPad?

The iPad is designed to sync with a personal Apple iTunes account. When you purchase your iPad through IRT Purchase, the latest version of iTunes will be installed on your UST computer. When you connect your iPad to your computer, iTunes will automatically launch and sync with your iPad using your personal iTunes account. Your iPad will receive software updates through iTunes. We recommend connecting your iPad to your computer with iTunes at least once a week to receive software updates and to back-up Apps.

What Apps do I need and how do I get them?

To add functionality to your iPad, there are hundreds of Apps available at Appleā€™s online store. Apps are available both for a fee and at no cost.

You may purchase an App with your department funds with an educational discount and tax exemption by contacting IRT Purchase with your App request. IRT Purchase will send you a code or a link specific to the App you request to be downloaded under your personal iTunes account.

Please note that App purchases must be made under a personal iTunes account. An App purchased with department funds cannot be transferred to another employee after a departure from the University.

Will I be able to display my iPad through the LCD in UST classrooms?

The iPad itself is not set up for video-out, which is the feature that allows for projection. Certain Apps such as Keynote and YouTube allow for projection through a iPad dock connector to VGA cable that can be purchased through IRT Purchase.

How do I get help with my iPad?

IRT would be happy to help connect your iPad to UST’s network, email and calendar, and to get you started using your iPad. Please contact the IRT Tech Desk at 2-6230 if you need help. The iPad comes with a standard one-year warranty for repair through the Apple Store. After the warranty is over, the Apple Store will repair the iPad for a fee. We also recommend Apple’s Guided Tour of the iPad.