The University of St. Thomas provides students with a UST account when they become part of the St. Thomas community. With this account comes access to an e-mail account provided by the University. E-mail is an important means of communication on campus. E-mail is used for News Room articles, administrative messages, timely updates, messages from professors and other students, as well as mail from family and friends.

Accessing your UST Email

By logging into your account through Outlook Web App (OWA), your UST email account can be accessed from the web anywhere in the world. You can also configure your email on your mobile device or tablet by following the instructions for Mobile Devices.

Graduating from UST

Your UST Email account is deactivated a year after your last active term with the university or due to graduation. Please visit our Graduation section for a checklist to verify that you are prepared for this transition. Although you will no longer have access to your current mailbox, the UST Alumni Association offers free email forwarding service. Check out the Alumni Association's website for more information.

Mailbox Quotas

Maximum size of mailbox:
     300MB for student mailboxes

When your UST email gets close to its capacity, you will receive an email notification sent at 1am from the Exchange server. 
     Send warnings 250MB
     Prohibit sending messages 275MB
     Prohibit sending and receiving messages 300MB

Message Limitations

Maximum size of file attachments:
     15MB (includes the sum total the message and attachment)

Maximum number of recipients on any message:
     99 recipients (provided that an Exchange distribution group is not being used to send the message)

A throttling policy is implemented to student accounts which limit the number of messages Students can send. The limits are as follows:

Message Rate Limit : 5
Recipient Rate Limit : 300

The Message Rate Limit parameter is the number of messages sent per minute. Exceeding this rate will result in emails being queued for delivery on the server. The Recipient Rate Limit parameter is the number of recipients that a user can address in a 24-hour period. Exceeding this limit will prevent emails from sending until the next 24-hour period.