Maintenance & Policies


System Maintenance
Blackboard is not available daily from 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. CST for routine system maintenance. Also, system upgrades may occur once a month on Sundays from 6:00 a.m. to 12 noon CST. IRT will announce any system upgrades in advance through the IRT News and Alerts page.

Course Access Policy
With permission of a dean, a department chair may be granted temporary "guest" access to the blackboard site of a department member's course for purposes of independently validating assertions made about the course. IRT will grant only the temporary access right, and will not participate in any search or review of documents.

Course & Community Site Quotas
The current course or organization quota limit is 250 MB per course or community site.
Beginning Fall semester 2012, IRT is increasing the quotas for Blackboard course and community site from 250 MB to 1 GB. 

Requests for increases beyond the standard course or organization site quotas should be submitted to the IRT Tech Desk at

Content System Quota
Faculty and staff have a quota of 250MB in their personal folder in the "My Content" area of the Content System. Students have a quota of 100MB. For assistance with your Content System quota, please contact the IRT Tech Desk.

Release 9.1 SP8 Supported Browsers & Operating Systems
Blackboard™ Learn Release 9.1 SP8 (9.1.82223.0) are tested with a variety of technologies.

  • Certified: fully tested and supported.
  • Compatible: partially tested but should function properly.
  • Provisional: future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support.
  • Unsupported: either impossible or not tested.
  • View details for supported browsers and operating systems.

Course Retention and Archiving
Starting in late fall 2012, IRT will begin archiving and deleting older courses and course content from Blackboard.  The general policy is to include two full years of courses in Blackboard.  The purpose of this policy is to maximize the performance of the Blackboard system, prevent unnecessary server / storage costs and to reduce the large number of courses listed on the “Courses” tab. 

IRT recognizes that many faculty re-use course materials from previously taught courses by copying or otherwise moving content to a current course.  If you plan to access materials in courses beyond this two-year window, IRT recommends that you archive these courses between now and late Fall 2012.   Your Academic Technology Consultant (ATC) can help with this as needed.

IRT will be sending several reminders, and specific dates, in the fall, regarding this new retention and archiving policy.

Restoring a Course
Restoring a course is recommended only when it is necessary to recover grade-related student information. Restoring a course will fully recreate the course including all course content and student information.

If you need to restore a course from your locally saved Archive, please contact your Academic Technology Consultant for a consultation. If a course restore is needed your ATC will send the archive file to the Blackboard System Administrator to be restored back to the Blackboard system.