Account Expiration


The Forefront Identity Management System (FIM) automates the process for e-mail account expiration and purges.

The automated system enables more frequent and systematic notification to affected account holders, as well as enhancing network information security by ensuring that inactive accounts are closed in a timely manner.

FIM expires inactive accounts, based on existing UST policy, according to the following time table:

  • Students: 365 days after last active term

Account holders will receive e-mail messages notifying them of their account expiration at 90 days, 30 days, seven days, and one day prior to the expiration date. The messages will include information about what will happen once the account is expired, as well as contact information for where questions can be directed. 

Once accounts are expired access to UST network resources such as e-mail and MyStorage will be lost. Please note that purged accounts cannot be recreated, nor can data from them be restored. For more information about this process contact the IRT Tech Desk.