Web Application Development


IRT provides centrally supported systems. We develop custom business applications when there is a need to integrate or create custom business solutions. Applications can be client facing, integration, data transfer, or functionality that supports other services.


These services are provided when custom solutions are required to be tailored to your business need. They can access business data directly from the system of record as well as aggregate data not currently available in the system. They are a unified approach with a consistent framework and methodology that allows for robust, scalable solutions. They intend to integrate with central systems and at the same time adhere to university standards and processes for system interoperability.

Getting Started

The project is proposed and submitted for approval and timeline estimates. The resources are identified based on the specifics of the project objective. Once approved the the specifications are gathered and managed by a team that includes project management, business analysis, design and architecture application development and user experience approaches to ensure a solution that meets the desired business objective.