GlobalProtect VPN

UST's Virtual Private Network (VPN) GlobalProtect is available to Faculty and Staff, creating a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the UST network. Use of the VPN allows you to access on campus Windows based computing resources (e.g. Banner, Cognos, and Optix) that are not normally available from off campus. 

From off campus, using your PC or Mac computer, you can remotely access your Windows PC computer on campus or simply be connected to the UST network.
***Note: Remotely accessing a Mac computer is not possible at this time.

Minimum Requirements

  • User must be Faculty or Staff
  • Permissions to use the VPN
  • Operating System patches up-to date
  • An active high speed Internet connection
  • Active and up-to date Anti-Virus software on the local computer
  • Both computers must be turned on (RDC Only)
  • Permission to access the remote computer must be in place on the UST computer (RDC Only)

First Time Installation 

  1. Permissions: In order to use VPN, you must have the correct permissions to do so, you can request these permissions by filling out the form located below.
  2. Software and Instructions: Download and install the appropriate version from the list below. Instructions for connecting and disconnecting included.
    1. Windows 32/64 bit
    2. Mac 32/64 bit
    3. iOS
    4. Android

Request Permission

The VPN is restricted to Faculty and Staff use only, access cannot be granted for student use.
To get started, please submit the following form. Access and permissions can take up to 3 business days. 

UST Username ***NOTE: Faculty/Staff Only
Phone Number
Are you currently using Remote Desktop to connect to a UST computer
On Campus PC Asset Number (e.g. A0007999)
What kind of computer is the primary off-campus machine?