Print Credit Requests

IRT will issue a refund of print credit back to user accounts only when a printer had a machine malfunction, such as printer jams, smudges, etc.  In order to receive a print credit, the bad prints and a Print Credit Request Form must be filled out and sent via intercampus mail to Print Credit #5051. Print credits will not be given without a copy of the bad prints included in submission.

Print Credits will not be given for user error during printing including but not limited to:

  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing too many copies
  • Expected it to print duplex and it did not

To view your current printing balance and printing report, login to Portal and select "Current Printing Balance" under the Applications section

Student Employees
Student employees who are required to print for their job will not have charges on their quota if they enter the department index code in the pop-up on the workstation they are logged into. By entering the index code in the pop-up these prints will instead be charged to their department. The pop-up window is part of the Equitrac software program and can be installed on specific comptuers by requesting this feature to the IRT Tech Desk.

Students who are authorized to charge items on behalf of their department but have not entered the index code on a departmental machine can request a print credit. To request a credit to a student employee's account, the supervisor must fill out the print credit request form and send it via intercampus mail to Print Credit #5051.