UST computer labs have designated printers; these will often be set as the default printer. Some locations like the OSF 1st floor lab have multiple printers, which can be selected from the printer list just before you send a document to the printer.

Peak Times
Printing can become backed up during peak times such as Convo Hour and before class. This often happens during mid-term and finals week. If you are encountering delays, you have the option to select a non-default printer from the list of printers . You may also consider finding an open computer on a different floor.

“Already Used” Printer
At the request of USG, as a sustainability initiative, UST has one printer located in the OSF library that re-uses paper, which has already gone through the printer once. Some pages may contain anything from a few lines to a full page of content on the back.

Supply Request
If the printer you are using runs out of toner/ink or paper, please contact the Info Desk (if you are in a library) or the assistant for that lab. If they are unable to process your request, please contact the IRT Tech Desk.

Print Credit
Please fill out the print credit form provided below for any erroneous print charges. Forms can be mailed to #5051-Print Credit .

Generally, print credits are only given for machine malfunctions such as blank pages or smudges and smears. Printing a document too many times or printing the incorrect document will not be recognized as reasons for print credits.

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