Mapping a UST printer to your personal Mac

Before proceeding, you will need to know the full printer path. Click here for a full list of information about available printers on campus.

How to add a UST printer

Before you proceed you must download the PaperCut Software from our PaperCut Install webpage

  1. Connect to a UST Network via Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connection
  2. Open a web browser and login to the purple UST Network Authentication Page
  3. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy
  4. Click on the apple icon in the upper left hand corner
  5. Choose System Preferences
  6. Click on Print & Scan
  7. Click the + button to add a printer
    1. On the new window that appears click on the Advanced tab
      1. If the Advanced tab is not listed in your toolbar, follow the instructions below:
        1. While holding down the Control key, click in any blank area of the icon toolbar
        2. Choose "Customize Toolbar"
        3. Drag the "Advanced" (gear icon) up to the toolbar
        4. Click Done
        5. Click on the Advanced tab that was just added to the toolbar.
  8. Under "Type" change this to: either Windows or Windows printer via spoolss
  9. In the URL field type the printer's path
    1. If you are unsure of what the printer's path is, search for the printer's information by campus:
      1. St. Paul Campus Printers
      2. Minneapolis Campus Printers
      3. For FollowMe printing use the following printer paths
        1. FollowMeBlack (for black and white printing): smb://ust-pm2p/FollowMeBlack
        2. FollowMeColor (for color printing): smb://ust-pm2p/FollowMeColor
  10. In the Name field, label it by the printer number
  11. In the location field, type the building and room number
  12. Click on the dropdown menu for "Print Using"
  13. Select "Generic Post Script Printer" from the dropdown menu
  14. Click Add
  15. Click Continue

How to remove a UST printer

  1. Click on the apple icon in the upper left hand corner
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. Click on Print & Scan
  4. Click the - button to remove a printer
  5. Click on "Delete Printer"
  6. Restart the computer

If you have any issues please contact the Tech Desk at 651-962-6230 or stop by the Tech Desk Too on St. Paul campus or Scholars on the Minneapolis campus