How to Print

UST uses the PaperCut print tracking system which emphasizes cost reduction and sustainability.  PaperCut will show information about the cost of printing prior to the final print command, so users will be aware of the resources consumed by each print job. 

Add a Printer to your Computer

UST offers faculty and staff the ability to set up printers for their UST or personal computers.   Before getting started, you must be connected to the University internet via either a wired or wireless connection.

How to set up a UST printer to your computer

FollowMe (Secure) Printing

Faculty and staff are able to print a document to a FollowMe queue and release it at any MFP (multi-function printer) on campus. This allows a user to print a document and it will be held until a user logs into an MFP and releases it from the FollowMe queue.  This allows printing to be secure and eliminates print jobs that are not claimed. A print job is only held for 24 hours, and notifications are sent when it is about to expire. 

To set up FollowMe from your computer

  1. Set up FollowMe printer queue: How to set up a UST printer to your computer
  2. Choose the correct server for FollowMe queues (ust-pm2p)
  3. Search for "FollowMe"from the list of printers during the set-up process
  4. Select FollowMe Color or FollowMe Black
  5. Wait a few minutes for printer to be set up
  6. Choose this from your "Devices and Printers" menu when printing
  7. Retrieve the print job at the MFP (Instructions below)


WebPrint allows faculty/staff to print primarily from off campus with a personal computer or UST computer. The print job sits in a queue until the user releases it on a campus MFP. Please note that only certain file types are accepted through this method: PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint. Documents are only held for 24 hours, and notifications are sent when it is about to expire. 

Submit a document

  1. Login to PaperCut
  2. Click on Web Print from the left hand navigation menu
  3. Click on Submit a Job
  4. Select a Follow Me printer queue (Black and White or Color)
  5. Click on Print Options and Account Selection
  6. Designate the number of copies you wish to have printed and which account the prints will be charged to (personal or departmental for student workers)
  7. Click on Upload Documents
  8. Click on Upload from Computer
  9. Select which document you would like to print (Acceptable file types listed)
  10. Click on Upload & Complete
  11. A green bar will appear at the top of your next screen that states your document was successfully submitted. You will be able to check the status in the table below of the print's status.   

Retrieve Document at MFP

  1. Login to the MFP by scanning your UST ID card, or typing your username and password
  2. Press the Print Release button from the touch screen panel
  3. Select the document to be printed
  4. Press the green Print icon at the top of the screen
  5. When the printing is complete, click the Home icon
  6. Sign Out

Release Document from the PaperCut Webpage

  1. Log in to PaperCut
  2. Click on Jobs Pending Release in the menu
  3. Select the job(s)
  4. Click Release

Print from USB

This feature is only available for documents that are in a PDF format. You are able to print directly at the MFP by inserting a USB flash drive. 

  1. Insert USB flash drive
  2. Login to the MFP
  3. Click on Retrieve from USB
  4. Select the document from list of available files
  5. Click Retrieve from USB icon at the top
  6. When print is complete, press the Home icon
  7. Sign Out

Login to a UST Multi-Function Printer (MFP)

  • Login to the MFP manually on the easy touch screen or the pullout keyboard with your UST username and password
  • Login to the MFP by swiping your UST ID card through the card reader attached to the device