UST uses the PaperCut print tracking system which emphasizes cost reduction and sustainability.  In order to reduce paper usage, grayscale duplex printing (back to back) is the default on all campus print devices.

How to Print

There are a variety of ways in which faculty/staff are able to print from both on and off campus. Faculty/Staff on campus have the ability to print directly to printers by mapping the desired printer to their computer. It is also possible to securely print and release the document at a multi-function printer (MFP) using FollowMe printing on campus.  There is off campus printing available by uploading a document to WebPrint, which then allows users to release the document at a multi-function printer once they are on campus.

Print Instructions
Scan, Copy, & Fax Instructions
Using the Multi-Functioning Printers (MFPs)

Current Departmental Printing Rates:

Black & White Prints: $0.04 per page
Color Prints: $0.25 per page

Departmental Print Charges and Print Confirmation

Before a document is printed, a PaperCut dialogue window pops up on the computer. This will show a preview of the document details and cost of the print job. Users must confirm printing at this step. Faculty/Staff with multiple accounts will be able to select which department to charge in this pop-up window and when making copies on the multi-function printer (MFP). 

Student workers will be able to select their work department as the account be charged for work related printing in this dialogue window or when copying at the multi-functioning printer (MFP) touch screen menu. 

Log into your PaperCut Account

By logging into the Papercut User Login page each individual will be able to view printing history and the environmental impact of printing. Here users will be able to also submit documents to WebPrint and FollowMe queues. 

Managed vs. Purchased Printers

IRT manages the majority of printers on campus, however there are many that are purchased through a department. The process for how toner, paper, and other printer resources are purchased and monitored varies depending on which of these categories the printer falls into. To learn more about these visit our Managed vs. Purchased Printers webpage.