New to Campus

Welcome to the University of St. Thomas!

IRT offers faculty and staff a variety of services to make their technology experience at the university as seamless as possible. Below you can learn about using university resources. 

Acceptable Use Policy

The university encourages computer use by providing easily accessible computing resources to the university community. Whenever this type of service is provided, abuse can and does occur. The Responsible Use Policy is intended as a guideline for students in appropriate use of university computing resources.  A general rule of thumb is to use common sense; the bottom line for our policies is respect for the work and privacy of other St. Thomas community members.

Your UST Account

Your UST account allows you access to campus computers, emailBlackboard, Murphy Online, campus computers, and other UST resources. New university members will need to setup their account through the Account Activation Process

Please note the password on this account expires every 120 days. Faculty and Staff can login and reset an expired password throughOutlook Web App or by going to our Password Reset page. 

Tech Help on Campus

Every department is assigned a Technology Consultant. Your consultant knows your department and will help you with any technology-related question or problem. If you have a quick or routine question (or one that needs an immediate answer), these can be directed to the IRT Tech Desk at (651) 962-6230 (or 2-6230 from any on-campus phone).

Faculty and Staff are welcome to take advantage of our walk up counters for assistance with computing and networking questions for their personal devices. Hours and locations can be found on our Tech Desk Services section.


All Faculty and Staff receive a UST email account and 20GB of online archive. If you have a university computer, IRT installs and configures Microsoft Outlook for you to read and send email on campus. You can also read and send email from Outlook Web App (OWA)

Your UST Computer

St. Thomas provides computers on campus to our faculty and staff members. Our desktop computers are replaced every four years and laptops replaced every three years on a lease agreement to provide our faculty and staff members with the latest technology. UST laptops are also fully encyrpted for enhanced security. Each computer comes equipped with a variety of software such as Microsoft Office and CrashPlan file backup. Additional software or updates are available for university members to download on their own in the Software Center on their computer. If you need help or would like to request additional software to improve your computing experience, please contact the Tech Desk at


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is installed on all campus computers. Personal use of Microsoft products are available through Office 365 for active faculty/staff members.


St. Thomas uses a Learning Management System named Blackboard where course information and enrollments are automatically imported. If you're teaching a course, and your students have access to it through Blackboard! 

Blackboard Communities, also called "organizations," are available to request and are intended for use by formal and informal organizations within the university for information sharing, collaboration and communication.

Murphy Online

Murphy Online holds your personal information, employee and tax records, course registration data, and more. Faculty and student advisors can enter grades and pull up student information from this system. 

Office Telephone

Before your telephone and voicemail can be activated, IRT Voice services will need to receive a Request for Service (RFS) with your UST Username, Banner ID number, and the phone number you'll be using. Generally speaking, this RFS will be submitted on your behalf by your hiring manager or supervisor before your date of hire. Long distance calling is also available by request.


Printing at the university is managed through PaperCut software. Faculty and staff have the ability to print on campus to university printers by mapping the desired printer directly to their computer. It is also possible to securely print and release the document at a multi-function printer (MFP) using FollowMe printing on campus. Off campus printing available by uploading a document to WebPrint, which then allows users to release the document at a multi-function printer once they are on campus. Costs for printing are charged to the faculty or staff member's department.

Cloud Storage with OneDrive

You will receive 1 TB of central storage space through OneDrive for Business Files saved to your OneDrive for Business space can be synchronized with multiple computers and devices.  This space is intended for personal use.  University departments should continue to use on-campus network storage and SharePoint for all official business data wherever possible.


SharePoint is available as an online collaboration and content management platform available to UST faculty and staff. 

VPN & Remote Desktop Connection

UST's Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer off campus and the UST network. Faculty and Staff members can request access to the VPN for Remote Desktop Connection or to access simply the UST Network.

Classroom & Event Technology

IRT provides support for the many events that occur at the University of St. Thomas. Most classroom and event spaces on campus already have audio/visual technology built in and a variety of checkout and deliverable technologies are available to meet the needs of the many internal and external groups that use campus event spaces.