Video Conferencing


The Tandberg system allows users to have a one or two way audio/video link. (Please note this system is compatible with only H.323 protocol systems) Video conferencing can take place between up to three Tandberg systems on the same call. Additionally, they can show computer content to the remote site.

Please note: Tandberg systems are not configured for use with SIP clients and they are not Skype compatible. It would not be used to receive or participate in a ‘webcast.’

Getting Started

A video conference can be requested through the RFS Page. Client Services Event Support will contact you regarding your event details to make sure a Tandberg system will meet your needs.

The Tandberg system is available in the following locations:

St. Paul: ASC 238, LIB 102, Portable Unit within Tunnel System (MCH, OEC, JEC, LIB, AQU) and a room with a built in projection system.

Minneapolis: MOH 419, MSL 459, SCH 439 each have built-in Tandberg video conference systems equipped for sharing camera, audio and computer screen.
There is one portable deliverable Tandberg unit.

Note: The use of our portable unit requires a laptop for displaying media and a hardwire internet connection.