Instructional Design


‌‌‌Instructional design is a benefit to faculty who are thinking about teaching their course in either a fully online or blended format.  Either course format can take on numerous variations in how it is structured and how it is taught. We can help with finding the right fit for your course, and help you plan both the online learning activities, as well as how to spend your in-class or synchronous meeting time so that there is a balance between the two that will help stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving, and discussion.

We follow the standards provided by Quality Matters for designing an online course. These standards ensure that the instructional design of the course is sound and that there is proper alignment between the course objectives and the learning objectives for each topic or unit in the course, as well as any activities, assignments or other modes of assessment. The goal of which is to make sure that learning outcomes are achieved, and that students with different abilities and learning styles have a positive experience.

Getting Started

There are several things to consider when designing an online course and 6 months of planning is recommended. We do offer project management so that you are able to manage your time as you develop the materials needed for the course, and we can create a professional course template for you to use.

Here are some things to reflect on if you are considering moving to an online course format:

  • Are you considering a fully online or a blended course format?
  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • How much course content are you planning on putting online (less than 30%, 30-70%, more than 70%)?
  • What course material is better suited for online learning? What material is better suited for face-to-face learning?
  • What expectations are there from your department for online classes/teaching?
  • How much class time is currently devoted to lecture? To in-class activities?
  • Where would you like to see change or improvement in your course?

Use the Online Learning Booklet to help you think through the various facets involved in planning your course including how to write your objectives, structure your learning modules, and incorporate the use of online tools and technologies.

If you would like instructional design assistance with your course, please contact your ATC or Peter Weinhold.