PC Migration


Migrating local archives into the Online Archive – Outlook on a PC 

Although there is more than one way to do this, the following process will work for quickly moving essential messages from your local archives and then eliminating the archive menu item in Outlook on your Windows computer.

  1. In the Online Archive, right click and create a new folder called “Retained Email” (or another name)
  2. Open your original local archive (this may be called Archive, Personal Folders, or another name)
  3. Click, hold and drag the folders or items from the original local archive into the new “Retained Email” folder in the Online Archive
  4. Depending on the amount of email, the move takes a few minutes or longer and a progress bar will appear.  Outlook is not responsive during this time
  5. You may delete and clean out folders during this process so you are only keeping essential email
  6. When finished moving the items you want to keep, delete the remaining items
  7. Empty the Deleted Items in the old local archive (right click and Empty Folder)
  8. IMPORTANT: Remove the old archive from the Outlook menu. Right click on the old local archive name and choose “Close”
  9. Repeat this process for all local archives you have until none of them remain in the menu

NOTE:  Moving email takes time to process, so choose a non-critical time to perform this task.