Email Archive Directions


Exchange Online Email Archive Instructions  

Identify the Online Archive

The online archive will appear in the left navigation menu under your server mailbox when you log into your Exchange email.  It is labeled as Archive or Personal Archive with your name or email address. Click on the arrow to expand the Online Archive and see the sub-folders.


Working with messages in the Online Archive

You can work with items in the Online Archive just as you do in your regular mailbox.  You can use the search feature in Outlook and OWA to find messages in the Online Archive as well as in your mailbox.  Currently you need to search each of these mailbox spaces separately.

Setting a personal folder policy to automatically move messages to the Online Archive

You can set an archiving timeframe for folders in your mailbox to move items automatically into the Online Archive.  When this takes effect, it recreates the identical directory structure from your mailbox in the archive. 

NOTE: Messages may take a while to migrate to the archive.  This is a lower priority for the email system and resources are only dedicated to this task during off-peak times.