Fax and Scan


All fax jobs are now processed through a central fax server and your Multi-function Printers (MFP). There currently is no direct "printing" charge for printing faxes, but there may be charges for long distance calls associated with a fax job.

Incoming faxes may now be delivered to a secondary email box instead of physically printing on the MFP. For more information on fax to email, please read the documentation below.

Please see the documentation below for more detailed instructions on using the fax feature on an MFP.

All of the Sharp and HP MFP on campus have the ability to scan documents and be saved straight to your desktop. To request scan to desktop functionality please contact the Tech Desk.

In addition, scan to email is now available to scan documents directly into a St. Thomas email account. For more information on scan to email, please read the document listed below.

Getting Started

All outgoing fax jobs must include the following information:

  • dial 8 for an outside line
  • dial the destination phone number (including and necessary international codes and area code)
  • dial your UST long distance access code
  • Please Note: dialing internationally may need anywhere from 8-15 pauses between the 8 for the outside line and the destination phone number.