Computers On Campus


The University issues both PC and Mac, desktop and laptop computers to Faculty and Staff members on a three year lease. Upon the three year lease cycle, new hardware is provided based on individual needs. For more information please see our Summer Computer Replacement page.

Personally owned computers have the ability to access UST resources (e.g. online storage, web mail, printing, etc.) by connecting to the University's wireless network within the dorms and around the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.

Guests may use designated computers in the OSF and Keffer Libraries. Learn more about computer labs on campus.

Most of the University's classrooms are equipped with a teaching station capable of general computing use, for example, PowerPoint, DVD playback, and display of digital presentations.

IRT houses a pool of portable technology carts available for delivery to the few classrooms/spaces around campus that do not have built in technology.

Checkout technology, laptops and LCD projectors, are available for on and off campus instructional use to faculty and staff.

Faculty and Staff may email to inquire about purchasing computer software or hardware using departmental funds.