UST Username


Your username is your primary UST account. Your username and password allow you to log on to UST domain computers, log into the email server, and to access UST network resources from non-UST computers. You are automatically assigned an account when you become part of the UST community. Your UST account consists of a username and password.

Who Qualifies
All active UST students, faculty, staff; and approved consultants qualify for a username. Visitors or guests who require UST resources and are sponsored by a program or department also qualify for a username.

Password Requirements
You may select any password you like as long as it meets the following conditions:

  • Your password is required to be at least 8 characters long.
  • Your password is required to include at least (1) uppercase letter, (1) lowercase letter and (1) number.
  • Your password may not include your first name, last name, username, or last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Your password may not include spaces or any of the following special characters: % * ; " ` # @ & , \ ; ---

Passwords Expiration
The password with your UST username will expire per the time restrictions listed below.

  • Faculty/Staff: 120 Days
  • Students: 365 Days

To reset your password visit Any account holder may change his or her password at any time, and it is not necessary to wait for expiration.

If your password has expired, you may login with your expired password into the Outlook Web App email system in order to reset your password and access your account. You may also visit and answer the challenge questions setup in your account activation process in order to reset your password.

Account Expiration/Purge
UST accounts will expire based on existing UST policy, according to the type of account:

  • Student: 365 days after last active term
  • Faculty: 30 days after last active term
  • Staff: Last day worked
  • Affiliate: 365 days after account creation

Getting Started

Hiring Managers
If you are a hiring manager and need to begin the account creation process for a new employee, please use the New Employee Web Form

Faculty/Staff & Adjuncts
All new faculty, staff, and students may use the account activation process by visiting:

Once the "New Employee Web Form" has been processed by Human Resources, your hiring manager will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will contain a username and all the other information necessary to activate your account.

Adjunct faculty will receive an account once either their contract or their new hire paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources. HR's new employee web form should not be submitted for adjunct faculty.

The IRT Account Request Form can be used to create username accounts for vendors, consultants, and other guests that need access to UST’s electronic resources.

Once the form is filled out, a confirmation email from IRT that contains a username and all the other information necessary to activate the guest account will be sent to the requesting manager.