New OWA Phishing E-mail


The recent phishing e-mail, titled: "Alert!!" has been delivered to over 600 mailboxes claiming that an update must be done in order to fix a full mailbox.

Here is an example of the e-mail being sent to users:

The phishing e-mail attempts to get the user to click the link provided and log in with their UST credentials, the site appears as if it is our Outlook Web App but the URL is different. It says that this needs to be done in order to resolve a full mailbox issue.

(The image below is where the link would guide you):



Remember: We will never guide you to links and ask for your username and password. If you receive this e-mail do not click the links and please delete the e-mail promptly.

In addition, full mailbox issues would not be resolved by updating a mailbox so we would never ask you to make any sort of updates as this e-mail indicates.

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