IRT Goals FY13


  1. Consistent with UST Strategic Planning and Key Performance Indicator development, complete an IRT Futures Study that will provide a roadmap for next generation information resources, technologies, services and organization.
  2. Continue implementation of the Digital Convergence Initiative, UST's plan for IP convergence, including voice, data and video, negotiate and implement UST’s next upgrade of Internet and inter-campus connectivity, and continue the planning process for implementation of IPv.6 and assessment of routing protocol changes.
  3. Continue planning for and development of the Information Commons to support student learning resources and facilities.
  4. Begin pilot projects and rollout of Enterprise Content Management based upon Microsoft Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Lync unified communications.
  5. Complete migration to Terminal Four, UST’s web content management system, and continue development of UST’s Mobile strategy.
  6. Plan and implement Banner upgrades, and continue progress on server virtualization.