University Technology Advisory Committee

UST's board of trustees ad hoc Committee on Information Resources and Technologies reported:

"We feel we should focus on how we can employ technologies and access to information resources to aid us in reaching other university goals – building community as we strive to increase living space for our students, increasing opportunities for learning inside and outside the classroom, examining how we will model our university to embrace changing demographics, providing connectivity and opportunities for communication among our alumni worldwide. The true goal for us is the employment of the technology tools to build engagement and support among all generations of the university."

With that focus in mind, Information Resources and Technologies (IRT) engages the community through advisory committees to ensure our services are in support of the university's mission and governance.

The University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) charge is to make recommendations for technology directions, guide policies, plans and priorities for system and service selections to IRT leadership and to assist in drafting and revising the IRT Plan that is part of UST's Strategic Planning Process. UTAC consists of representatives from many units across the university.

Current UTAC Committee Members:

Ed Clark, Joe Kreitzer, Lisa Waldner, Ann Bateson, Al Cotrone, Dr. Mark Spencer, Dr. Debasish Mallick, Dr. Chih Lai, Bhabani Misra, Mary Ann Ryan, Mike Cogan, Mark Vangsgard, Jenn Haas, Chris Gregg, Karen Julian, Patrick Sanchez, Dan Gjelten, Matthew Wash, Robert Martin, Kelly O'Keefe