Application Forms

A checklist for investigators

(Application Will Be Returned If Not Complete; the application form and all other forms can be found at IRBnet)

*Print this document for your own reference.

You must make a preliminary judgment about the level of review required for your application; please check the appropriate box on the online application form. The administrator will then determine the level of review after submission.

    1. The online application form at IRBnet must be completed. You must also include a brief lay abstract (the lay summary form is housed in the document library on IRBnet) stating the purpose of the study, and an executive summary.

    2. The abstract includes a description of tasks the subjects will be asked to complete.

    3. The application and consent forms include a full description of anticipated risks and benefits of study participation.

    4. Provisions have been made to minimize risks and those procedures are outlined on the application and consent forms.

    5. Provisions have been made and documented to care for subjects in case of accident or injury.

    6. Procedures to maintain confidentiality have been fully described.

    7. Provisions have been made to obtain informed consent from all individuals related to the study. (e.g., parents, subjects, cooperating institutions, etc.)

    8. All questions on the application form have been completed.

    9. All supporting documents have been attached. Supporting documents must be in final form as you intend to distribute them. Your application will be returned if these documents are not included
      Application Advertisements
      Survey instruments Consent form
      Recruitment letters Executive Summary

    10. If this study requires approval of a master's or dissertation committee, scan and upload the committee form to IRBnet. If you will be using a cooperating agency, please submit the agency permission form in the documents library on IRBnet, or scan and upload an agency permission letter.
    11. Appropriate departmental signatures and signature of research advisor for student research have been obtained.

    12. Your complete application package must be submitted via IRBnet.