Below are a Glossary of Terms explaining the various letters and messages from the IRB:

  1. Acknowledgement notification – the IRB has received your protocol and it will now be sent out for review to Board members.
  2. Modifications notification –  You will be receiving a modifications letter with the changes that you need to make on your protocol.
  3. Modifications Letter – Lists all of the changes that the reviewers want made before approval can be granted.
  4. Unlocked protocol – your protocol will be unlocked when changes need to be made;  do not begin a new protocol
  5. Locked protocol – Lock your protocol after the initial submission and when you have completed your modifications
  6. Track Changes – place your documents on track changes so that they can be easily viewed

Forms that need to be submitted when working with adult populations: 

  1. IRB application Lay Summary Consent Form Informed consent process Participant Information Form Risks and Benefits Confidentiality of data form Any research tools such as surveys, questionnaires, etc.
  2. Agency consent form – letter from agency on letterhead

Additional Forms when working with underage children: 

  1. Parent consent form
  2. Child Assent form – children under 12 years of age

Forms when working with additional assistants:  

  1. Transcriber confidentiality form
  2. Research Assistant confidentiality form
  3. Conclusion of research
  4. Executive Summary form which demonstates results of study

BE SURE to submit all forms via PDF or Word Doc

  1. We are unable to acces webpages and therefore ask researchers to be sure forms are submitted in .PDF or .DOC format.