Below is a Glossary of Terms explaining some notifications and messages the Institutional Review Board may send you through IRBNet:

  1. "Acknowledged": The IRB has received your protocol and it will now be sent out for review to board members.
  2. "Modifications Required": You will be receiving a modifications letter with the changes that you need to make on your protocol.
  3. Modifications Letter: Lists all of the changes that the reviewers want made before approval can be granted.
  4. "Unlocked": Your protocol will be unlocked when changes need to be made; please do not open a new protocol in IRBNet to submit changes.
  5. "Locked": Lock your protocol after the initial submission and when you have completed your modifications.

Forms for transcription or research assistants:  

  1. Transcriber Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Research Assistant Confidentiality Agreement

Submit all forms as a PDF or Word Document

  1. All forms must be submitted in .PDF or .DOCX format.