Steps in the IRB review process

  1. Submit your application and all supporting documents through IRBnet. All required forms are provided in the document library on IRBnet; no hard copies of any documents or forms will be accepted.  For instructions on how to submit a new project through IRBnet, see the training document or view a training video.   
    (Training materials log in:  user- ust, password- training 1)
  2. Once your proposal has been submitted, the IRB administrator will process it for review.  If you have an exempt review, only the IRB administrator will review.  For an expedited review, the administrator and two additional IRB members will review.  For a full board review, all of the members of the IRB will review.
  3. The status of your project will be on IRBnet.   
  4. When the IRB administrator and members (if applicable) are assigned your proposal for review, they will review them in the order they are received.  For an expedited review, the IRB members will provide their comments to the IRB administrator.  For a full board review, the board will discuss their comments at an IRB meeting.  Note that in order to have your proposal discussed at a meeting, you must submit it at least ten (10) business days (not including holidays) prior to the meeting.
  5. After receiving comments from all board members who have reviewed your proposal, the IRB administrator will update the status of your project on IRBnet.  If your project requires modifications before being approved, it will be returned to you via IRBnet and you will  need to make the required modifications and resubmit. 

If you have any questions, contact the IRB.