A few quick tips

  1. If you are audio or video recording even the most innocuous discussion, you will automatically be in the category of expedited (if not full board) review. The reason for this is that protecting a participant’s identify is much more problematic if there are recordings involved.
  2. If you are working with children, you are very likely to need a full board review. There are few exceptions but they are relatively rare.
  3. If your subjects are children ages 10 and over, you must complete an assent form in addition to the consent form! This will be given directly to the child subject, and is available in the document library on IRBnet.
  4. If you are doing a survey which is both low in risk and in which you have no way of knowing the identity of the respondents, then the research is probably exempt from review. Nonetheless, you must get an IRB ruling to that effect by submitting an exempt proposal.
  5. If you are working with some group with whom you have an official relationship, you are very likely to need at least an expedited if not a full board review. The reason for this is that any official relationship may impact the voluntary nature of participation as well as issues regarding confidentiality.
  6. Your consent form(s) should be complete, thorough, and free of errors as they represent an important piece of the “public face” of the project and of the University of St. Thomas to potential participants and others who may be involved with your research.
  7. If you are stuck on a part of the application, refer to the instructions, contact your research advisor or department chair, or email the IRB – we’re here to help!