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Professor Wiebe and his colleagues make recommendations to The President and his administration for Fair Treatment for Unaccompanied Central American Children



Prof. Wiebe along with a group of professors and researchers with experience teaching and practicing in the areas of immigration, human rights, and international law, primarily at U.S. universities, colleges, and law schools write to offer their counsel to the President and his administration as they respond to the refugee emergency involving unaccompanied children and families with children from Central America and Mexico.

Read the letter here: Professors and Researchers Letter Fairness for Central American Children

The letter has also been featured on the following websites:
Op-ed in the New York Daily News by Allan Wernick, The border children may not be illegal
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Law Professors Call for Fair Treatment for Unaccompanied Central American Children, July 15, 2014, ImmigrationProf Blog

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