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for Counseling & Legal Services

Elder Law Practice Group Clinic Fellow Annonced 2010


The Legal Services Clinic of the UST Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Laura Orr as our Elder Law Clinical Fellow.

When asking Ms. Orr for a quote that resonates with her, she responds “I have ‘collected’ quotes since I was twelve years old. One could say that they are a verbal collage of who I am and what moves me. Asking me to choose a single quote that resonates with me is like asking me to pick a photograph for this spotlight featuring only one body part—‘Here is my right ear.’

Nonetheless, if Ms. Orr had to choose one quotation to share, she would choose the following quotation by Desiderius Erasmus: “Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself.” The imagery of the quote fuels her optimism and energy in the face of daunting obstacles. If we all gave light, Ms. Orr imagines this world would be a brighter place

Although Ms. Orr is the newest addition to our Interprofessional Center (IPC) staff, she is familiar to us. Ms. Orr served with the Elder Law Practice Group as a clinical law student in the spring of 2009 and returned as an advanced clinical law student in the spring of 2010. Ms. Orr made a significant impact while serving our clients in need, earning the Dean’s Award for her work as an advanced student. Ms. Orr participates in the larger elder law community through her work with the Elder Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association, earning much deserved recognition outside of the IPC. Ms. Orr served as a student representative on the Governing Council of the Section during her law school days, helping to organize the Section’s Public Service Day this past spring. She currently serves as co-chair of the Section’s Law Student Committee and has a seat on the Governing Council.

“Laura has really stood out as someone with passion, dedication, and the ability to lead in the service of elderly clients. Her quiet determination and servant leadership has made an important difference in people’s lives,” says Professor Jennifer Wright, director of the Elder Law Practice Group.

When asked about what drew Ms. Orr to the IPC as the Elder Law Clinical Fellow, she states, “Serving as a clinical law fellow at the IPC enables me to provide free legal services to the aging and to multiply my own capacity to serve others with the energy, knowledge, and skills of the student, faculty, and professionals around me.”

A perfect Saturday for Ms. Orr would involve visiting a farmers’ market and reading at a coffee shop with her husband

We expect that Ms. Orr will continue to contribute to the IPC and Legal Services Clinic in her new role as a clinical law fellow and look forward to working with her in the coming years.

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