Interprofessional Center

for Counseling & Legal Services

Elder Law Practice Group

The Elder Law Practice Group provides high quality legal services for seniors with problems related to long-term care and financial abuse and exploitation.

The most typical case this practice group addresses is one where a nursing home resident has been given a notice of involuntary transfer because of a failure to pay what the nursing home claims is owed. In some cases, law students have been able to prove that the client did not owe what the nursing home claimed, or that the discharge was not proper under state or federal law. In other cases, students have obtained benefits to pay for care. In every nursing home discharge case undertaken thus far, Elder Law students have prevented their clients from being evicted from their nursing homes. Elder Law students have also represented clients with cases including eviction from elderly housing, violation of other nursing home residents' rights, debt collection and consumer rights, estate probate and tax issues. Nearly all elder law clients are served by an interprofessional team of law and social work students, under the supervision of both a legal and a social worker supervisor. Collaborative social work services play an essential role in resolving the clients' legal cases, as well as addressing other major quality-of-life issues.

Cases are referred to the Elder Law Practice Group by:

  • Catholic Charities Aging Services Division
  • ElderCare Rights Alliance
  • Hennepin County Adult Protective Services
  • Mid-Minnesota Legal Services
  • Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care
  • Ramsey County Adult Protective Services
  • Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services Senior Law Program

The Elder Law Practice Group generally does not take referrals from other sources. The Elder Law Practice Group takes no self-referrals, and clients should not be advised to contact the Elder Law Practice Group directly for legal representation.

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