Interprofessional Center

for Counseling & Legal Services

Legal Services Clinic

Advancing social justice through transformative practice.

The Interprofessional Center's Legal Services Clinic offers students exposure to client advocacy and litigation in a supervised setting, while provided much-needed legal services to low-income or non-profit clients. The legal services clinic is comprised of ten clinics: Appellate, Bankruptcy LitigationCommunity Justice Project, Consumer Bankruptcy, Elder Law, Federal Commutation, Immigration Appellate, Immigration Law, Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Liberty Appellate. Clients are referred to the Legal Services Clinic through a variety of social service agencies and programs.

The Legal Services Clinic provides students with opportunities to develop competent legal practice skills, to apply substantive course work to actual cases and to examine the institutional, ethical and personal problems inherent in the lives of today's practicing lawyers. It is designed to help students develop their own perspective on client advocacy and litigation and learn a structured approach to the lawyering process that will assist them in their legal studies and legal career.

At the same time, the Clinic provides legal services to individuals who could not otherwise afford them, including immigrants, the elderly, homeless adults and youth, victims of social injustice, and persons with chemical dependency.‌