Research Request Forms

IDEA Group Summary Reports (GSR) Request - combined information from a set of individual student ratings reports across a number of courses. The aggregated data are useful for identifying local norms and faculty development needs. In addition, the data can be useful in program assessment and accreditation. The Committee on Teaching Evaluation (CTE) is responsible for granting access to IDEA Group Summary Reports. IR&A submits the orders to IDEA and charges the requesting department. There are two types of requests the CTE has given standing permission.

1. Department Chairs may request any type of report as long as a minimum of three unique instructors are included in order to maintain anonymity.
2. Deans and Associate Deans may request a group summary for their entire College.

All other types of requests are forwarded to the Committee on Teaching Evaluation for consideration. Three (3) types of GSR's are available from IDEA (Class ID's, Data Fields and Manual). The completed request will be forwarded to Institutional Research and Analysis for processing. The requesting department index code will be charged $30 for each GSR ordered.

IDEA Online Evaluation of Teaching Request - Beginning Fall 2011, the Committee on Teaching Evaluation has authorized the use of online IDEA evaluations for hybrid and online courses.

LIST Request - a list of students with a specific set/s of characteristics (gender, level, program, etc.) select and complete the Request a List form.

University-wide Research or Aggregated Report Request - for conducting university-wide research; an aggregated report for a group of people without any individual person data; data for HLC accreditation. Completed research / data projects will be available (at a minimum) to academic leadership. Be prepared to respond to the following criteria: General scope of the project (statement of purpose); Research questions expected to be answered; Design of project, and any other research methodology documentation; Population to be studied; Timing of research project; UST resources/information required; Security plan for storing information.